Everyone on social media has been doing the 10 years challenge.

But if you studied the drastic changes between a decade ago and today. You will have noticed people with the greatest of transformations positively have gone through this reinvention steps.

1. Decision To leave the comfort zone and take Responsibility for your success and future. If it is to be it is up to you. it starts and end with you. You may need support and mentorship but it is still up to you.

2. People who reinvent themselves Upgraded in Skills and Personal Development and adopting change and Technology. They also had Big Goals ,Vision and Dreams. They worked day and night for beyond themselves that had greater benefit for other people, clients ,the market place and their loved ones.

3. The Ability to make sacrifices and delay gratification and Work on short term and long term with a team to Achieve big Goals or Big Milestones. No Man ever did Great Feats alone. Team work makes the dream work.

4. The Understanding that what got you your first 100k won’t get your next 1 MILLION same applies to the next 10 Million or Even 100 Million etc in the financial goals.

5. Change in association and location to get a different Allocation.

6. Regular and Never ending Improvement.

The desire, passion and creativity and need to improve on a regular basis.

7. What got you to this stage of Success or solving a problem cannot help you get to the next level of Success without a different thinking or Paradigm.

8. Mentorship Most people who are reinvented themselves had Mentors who helped them one way or the other to Adapt, grow and expand to this new Identity and become More and Make Great Impact and a difference in the world.

How did your 10 year challenge go what changes did you notice between now and the last decade in lifestyle,habits , beliefs, philosophy , skills sets and associations.

Source: Dr Laide Okubena.

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