In a time when everything we are exposed to seems to focus on the negative, it is critical to believe that we can achieve whatever we set our sights on with hard work, determination, and focus. In order to be successful, learning should be a constant habit in our lives.
“We cannot grow if we do not take the time to learn.”

In this section, we will list inspirational and self-help information to share our personal picks for growth and development of our minds. These are suggested readings and ideas, that might help you view things more positively and inspire you to “think big”.

If you ask most people how they’re handling rising prices in today’s tough economy, most will rattle off a list of the ways they are economizing; they are driving less to save on gasoline, cutting back on meals out, doing things themselves that they once paid others to do- and patting themselves on the back for their frugality.

The wealthy know several secrets: . It always makes more sense to fly than drive and flying first class is a necessity -not a luxury. . Clipping coupons and mailing in rebate forms to save money are a total waste of time. . Hiring others to mow the lawn, wash their cars, and do their errands is worth every penny. . It’s never beneficial to park far away to save money – it’s best to pay to park in the closest parking garage instead.

These simple activities most of us do every day to save money are keeping us poor; here’s why. When you mow your lawn because you can’t afford to pay a lawn service you might save $15 but it takes you an hour. So you have decided you are only worth $15 per hour; poor forever.

When you wash your car on Sunday because you don’t want to pay $12 to go through the car wash, it takes you an hour. When you park four blocks from the urban shopping center and spend an extra 8 minutes walking to the front door and back because you don’t want to pay $1.00 in the parking meter, you have decided you are worth $7.50 per hour.

Most people do these actions every single day because they think they’re being financially responsible or saving money. In reality they are locking themselves into low income forever. The wealthy, on the other hand, do not love money. They don’t even value money. To prove this point, think how the wealthy so willingly pay full price for everything. They would not drive across town to find a sale, they pay for first class seats on airplanes or fly a private jet, they hire yard workers, house cleaners, bookkeepers, people to chauffeur them, and people to wash their cars.

You may say the wealthy do these things only because they have the money to do so. That’s a myth, that’s not why they behave this way. The truth is wealthy people began behaving this way long before they ever accumulated money and that is the only reason they eventually accumulated the money. The wealthy never loved money and never valued money. They valued something else, far more precious than money; their time.

The wealthy, long before they had any money, realized money is unlimited and can be created in any quantity once they understand the formula for creating it. But time is limited.

Most people spend time trying to save money. The wealthy do the exact opposite; they spend money in order to save time. And with the time saved they work on more productive ways of creating wealth than they would have by washing the car, or mowing the lawn or driving someplace to find a sale. If you want to be wealthy that’s what you have to do too.
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