“The Internet Of Things Transforming Our Lives”

Will the day come that we can simply look down at our wrist and get a full, up-to-the-minute report on our health status? Might our refrigerator soon bypass us entirely and tell our car to remind us that we are low on milk? Science fiction? On the contrary, this reality is within reach of us all!


Getting Started with the Internet of Things

Here’s a great little video to get us started on this journey into the Internet of Things with a piece by GCF Learning Free: (Check them out! We had a solid look at their website and they look like they could be a game-changer for folks around the world!)

Advanced Technology at Our Fingertips

I’m Guilherme Araújo, Executive Assistant to IBM’s Latin American General Manager, and recent leader of IBM Brazil’s Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence divisions. I’m in a good position to help EWC visitors understand some of the emerging new innovations and advanced technologies, and I’m delighted to become a routine “guest writer” for Ever Widening Circles (EWC).

I’ve written about AI and Blockchain for EWC and I’m hoping I can expand our notions about IoT as well!
So all these things talking to each other is going to highly personalize the way resources are used. Imagine the variations on a theme like this:

What if my car told me when to change the brake pads because it intelligently sensed the way I drive and could, therefore, calculate the actual wear of these components? What if my watch could sense that my blood sugar was slowly falling and remind me to eat something healthy, avoiding a blood sugar crash that would drive me to mindlessly drink a soda and eat a bag of chips?

Businesses could develop a deeper understanding of each customer as an individual and deliver an entirely new level of value. Decision makers will have mountains of data from sensors everywhere and they will be able to make much more sophisticated decisions. Service industries like Uber, for example, will use data collected on smartphone sensors to monitor traffic in real time, and that data will be used to make decisions about the required number of drivers.
With moment-to-moment data, the price of everything could become hugely dynamic. The law of supply and demand will play out in real time!
Here’s a quick but inspiring TED Talk by Chris White. He gives us a window into our very near future:

So the biggest impact of IoT, will not be the things that are easily perceived. IoT will be more like the natural flow of things.

In fact, these new innovations may eventually do more than just make life easier. It sounds like the volume of data to be collected will expand our entire understanding of the world around us. We’ll know exactly how much is consumed or produced, on everything from electricity to diapers, from irrigation water to perspiration, from calories to contagious disease particles.

The Internet of Things could make us smarter about how we manage every resource on the planet.
It’s safe to say the world is already a better place to live with the Internet of Things and the possibilities are limitless. Here’s one last short, thought-provoking video to go out on. Let’s have a look at an average school day with IoT!

Yes, this is going to take us way past managing the thermostat in our homes remotely!

Additionally, perhaps the best thing about IoT is that by all these things talking to each other, we will no longer have to be slaves to technology. This will be a game-changer!
If you’d like to learn more about Artificial Intelligence (AI), check out my first article for Ever Widening Circles. Knowing about all that AI makes possible will make you feel great about our shared future!

Are we about to see an evolution and a smarter planet?

I look forward to finding out!

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